Main Courses Non-Veggie

Middle Eastern dish with beef kofta - € 20.00
Oriental beef kofta, lentil rice, fried eggplant an a savoury tomato-bell pepper sauce.

Stack of Couscous with grilled chicken - € 21.50
Couscous, savoury vegetables, tomato sauce, fillet of chicken and gratinated goat cheese.

Lebanese Wrap with chicken - € 21.50
Marinated chicken, Greek feta cheese, savoury vegetables, home made falafel and veggie kofta.

Dorade Royal - € 26.00
Grilled Sea Bream (whole fish) with French Fries and a fresh side salad.

Suquet Catalán con Marisco y Pescado - € 27.50 (for one person) | € 53.00 (for two persons)
Catalan fish stew with fresh sea monk, cod, sea wolf, prawns and potato slices.

Zarzuela con Marisco y Pescado - € 28.00 (for one person) | € 54.00 (for two persons)
Classic Spanish seafood dish in a savoury tomato sauce. In our version we add some fresh fish.

Solomillo de Buey a la Catalana - € 26.50 (for one person) | € 51.00 (for two persons)
Catalan Sirloin: with veal gravy, baked garlic-rosemary potatoes, grilled bell peppers, grilled green asparagus and Salsa Romesco.

Solomillo de Buey a la Belga - € 25.50
Belgian Sirloin: with home made French Fries, pepper cream sauce, fresh salad and mayo.

Gambas (6 / 12) a la Plancha - € 27.00 (for one person) | € 52.00 (for two persons)
Gambas from the hotplate, with garlic-rosemary potatoes, fresh salad and spicy aioli.

Plato de Mariscos - € 26.00 (for one person) | € 50.00 (for two persons)
Seafood platter with white wine, garlic, flat parsley, shrimps, King Size Prawns, razor clams, mussels, squid and clams. With spicy aioli.


Main Courses Veggie

Lebanese Wrap - € 19,50
Greek feta cheese, savoury vegetables, home made falafel and veggie kofta.

Vegetarian Stack of Couscous - € 18,50
Couscous, savoury vegetables, tomato sauce and gratinated goat cheese.

Main Courses Vegan

Middle Eastern dish with home made veggie kofta - € 19,00
Oriental veggie kofta, lentil rice, fried eggplant an a savoury tomato-bell pepper sauce.

Mediterranean Tabouleh - € 17,00
Fresh tabouleh, home made sundried tomatoes, grilled green asparagus, baked eggplant and Salsa Romesco.


Pan con tomate ( 2 pieces ) 5,00 €
Toast, ripe tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

Hummus with spicy vegetables 6,00 €
Puree of chickpeas, tahini sauce, oriental spices

Patatas bravas 6,50 €
With aioli and spicy tomato sauce

Homemade falafel ( 3 pieces ) with tzatziki and spicy tomato sauce 7,50 €
Deep fried rounds of mashed chickpeas

Pinchitos de Pollo ( 3 pieces ) with Mojo Verde 9,00 €
Chicken skewers marinated with ginger and garlic

Vegetarian Kofta Kebabs ( 3 pieces ) 9,00 €
Vegetable balls of broccoli and zucchini with labneh

Gamba’s a la plancha ( 2 pieces ) 9,00 €
From the griddle with aioli

Hummus with spiced lamb 9,50 €
Puree of chickpeas, tahini sauce, oriental spices

Pinchitos Morunos ( 3 pieces ) 12,00 €
Moorish skewers with spiced lamb meat

Kofta of minced beef ( 3 pieces ) 12,00 €
Oriental meatballs


These dishes are ment to be shared. They are suitable as an appetizer for 3 to 4 people or as a main course for 2.

Vegetarian Mezze Dish - Jeruzalem -  37,00 €

• Hummus with chickpeas and paprika powder

• Roasted vegetable skewers with tahini sauce and Za’Atar herbs

• Bricks filled with creamy goat cheese and fresh herbs

• Kofta Kebabs of broccoli and zucchini with labneh and pomegranate

• Homemade falafel

• Marinated feta with pomegranate

• Stew of chickpeas, fresh leaf spinach, tomato and labneh cubes

• Tabouleh of mint, flat parsley, couscous, lime, tomato and cucumber

• Mejadra of rice, lentils, fried onion and Middle Eastern herbs

Mixed tapas platter with meat and chicken - Sevilla 45,00 €

• Pinchitos Morunos (2x) - Moorish skewers with spicy lamb

• Pinchitos de Pollo con Mojo Verde (2x) -Chicken skewers marinated with ginger and garlic

• Kofta de Ternera (2x) - Oriental meatballs of beef

• Pollo al Limón, Ajo y Aceitunas - Chicken with lemon, garlic and olives

• Albóndigas en salsa de almendras - Lamb meatballs in an almond sauce

• Hummus Casera con Estofado de Cordero - Homemade Hummus with stew of lamb

• Champiñones con Queso de Cabra y Jamón Serrano (2x) - Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and Jamón Serrano

• Pan con Tomate (2x) - Toast, ripe tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

• Pimientos de Padrón (4x) - Mild chillies fried with salt

• Patatas Bravas con Salsa Picante y Aioli

• Jamón Serrano


Crema Catalana 7.00 €
a Catalan variation on the classic 'Crème Brûlée'
with cinnamon, orange and Grand Marnier

Dame Blanche 7.50 €
with homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream if you require

Queso Cabrales con Pedro Ximénez and Membrillo 7.50 €
Spanish blue veined cheese with a reduction of sweet sherry
and quince jelly

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake 9.00 €
with vanilla ice cream, finished with a coulis of forest fruits

"Postre de Pasión" 12.00 €
to share, with fresh seasonal fruit, forest fruit coulis
with moscatel and vanilla ice cream



Lebanese Wrap - € 20.00
With marinated chicken, falafel, feta & spiced vegetables

Moroccan Lambstagine - € 22.50
With "Chutney" of onion & raisins, dates, vegetables, potatoes, served with oriental flatbread

Zarzuela - € 28.00
Spanish stew of various seafood, fresh fish, in a spicy tomato sauce & Spanish bread


Fritura de Gambitas con Aioli Picante.
Deep fried prawns with spicy aioli € 7.50

Endivias con Rocquefort Gratinado
Chicory stubs with Gratinated Rocquefort € 6.50

Mejillones a la Catalana
Mussels in Catalan way € 9.00

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